Juniors Order of Merit

A minor adjustment has been to the rules for the 2019 Order of Merit. The stableford division will be reduced from GA 30 to GA 21 handicap. This means all players with a handicap up to 20 will be playing stroke and those with a handicap from 21 to 36 will be playing stableford.
After three LNCDGA junior events following is the current status of the 2019 Order of Merit. The next event is the PM Seaside Junior Classic on Sunday July 28th.
PLAYER                                         GROSS POINTS      NETT POINTS
DANNY BISBY                                 31                                 32
BLAIR MACLACHLAN                    26                                  26
PADEN RICHARDS                         20                                  20
WILLIAM KNIGHT                         16                                  15
FLETCHER MURRAY                      12                                  12
OLI PAYNE                                      10                                  10
                                                      STABLEFORD PTS
RORY FALK                                       31
WILLIAM MARTIN                          28
HARRISON GOLLEDGE                   25
COLBY WILKINSON                         25
JAMES KEMP                                   14
BRODIE RICHARDS                         11
ELY PAYNE                                         9
BEN JOSE                                          6
HARRY HOLBROOK                         6