Pennants Conditions of Play

Pennant Conditions of Play 2020-01-23

Particular changes for 2020

  • If a Contest is squared, ie 3 match points each, 1 contest point will be awarded to each team.
  • The winning team in each division is the team with the greater number of contest points with a count back of matches won deciding the outcome should more than one team finish with the same number of contest points.
  • Lost Ball and Ball out of Bounds – Rule 18 is to be applied only. A local rule for an Alternative to Stroke and Distance is NOT to be used in all Pennant Matches
  • The measure of what division each player is eligible to play in is determined by the player’s GA anchor point at 31 December, that is their lowest GA achieved in 2019. 23. Breach of this condition
    a. 1st breach will result in 1 full game point being deducted from that teams result regardless of the players individual game result
    b. 2nd breach will result in loss of contest 6 games to nil
  • D4 Pennants: Teams play under the following conditions:
    1. All individual matches for players 1-3 must be played off scratch;
    2. All individual matches for players 4-6 are played off the Daily Handicap for the host course with difference between the players daily handicap to determine shots given to their opponent, on the standard match play holes index. All individual matches for players 4-6 must be played in ascending order of their daily handicap on the day of the contest; failure to do so will result in a loss of individual match points.
  • Rule 5.6 (Prompt Pace of Play) will be strictly enforced. Each group must maintain its position on the course with respect to the group in front. To assist speed on play, One individual match should attempt to finish the hole first, then those 2 players should move immediately to the next tee, whilst the 2nd match in the group finishes the hole