Pennants Conditions of Play

2021 Pennant Conditions of Play (revised 2020-08-05)

Particular changes for 2021

  • All individual matches shall be played over 18-holes of match play without the benefit of handicap (including all Division 4 matches)
  • Pennants divisions by GA are as follows:
    Division 1 Open
    Division 2 – 7.0 and above
    Division 3 – 12.0 and above
    Division 4 – 17.0 and above
  • The measure of what division each player is eligible to play in is determined by the player’s lowest GA achieved between 1st October and 31st December 2020. Breach of this condition
    a. 1st breach will result in 1 full game point being deducted from that teams result regardless of the players individual game result
    b. 2nd breach will result in loss of contest 6 games to nil