Short Course Championships

Short course dates for 2022 [flyer click here]

Karuah 24th April

Wingham 1st May

Harrington 21st August

Patterson 18th September

Stroud 25th September

Bulahdelah 16th October

Gloucester 30th October

Dungog 6th November



The 2022 Short Course Championships are fast approaching.

Round 1 is Karuah on the 24th April at which time we will be presenting the Perpetual trophies in the name of our founder of these events Darren Searl.

These trophies have been donated by the Newcastle DGA Gross Trophy and Lower North Coast DGA Net trophy and both will feature Darren’s name on them.

John and Lee at Karuah are purchasing the trophies and they will be presented to the winner of the 2021 events at Karuah on the 24th so be there if you can.

Following are all the winners from previous years and it would be good if these people could attend.

Year                                       Gross                                                    Net

2016                       Mark Johnson   Karuah                  Brian Garthwaite  Karuah

2017                       Gary O’Bryan     Karuah                  Ted Russell             Dungog

2018                       Scott Polley        Wingham             Geoff Masters      Karuah

2019                       Gary O’Bryan     Karuah                  Ted Russell             Dungog/Karuah

2020                       Not played COVID19

The 2021 winners have been calculated and only I know who they are.

I am confident both will be at Karuah on the 24th (hope that doesn’t give it away but they win because they go to almost all events) and they can play a bit.

We have secured some sponsorship from Mid Coast Council and we need to use their logo on our advertising flyers and fly their flags at the Open days (I will secure the flags before the events)

Attached is the flyer with all dates for the 2022 events.

I have also done an analysis of the 2021 events that you may all find interesting.

In 2021 we had 23 different clubs 263 different people play a total of 395 rounds

The club support was as follows.

Club                                       Rounds                                 Players

Karuah                                  82                                           33

Bulahdelah                         55                                           39

Wingham                             53                                           37

Stroud                                  42                                           20

Dungog                                34                                           28

Harrington Waters           31                                           25

Paterson                              24                                           24

Hawkes Nest                     13                                           8

Gloucester                          8                                              4

Toronto                                7                                              7

Forster Tuncurry              6                                              3

Tanilba Bay                         5                                              3

Taree                                    4                                              4

Newcastle                           4                                              4

Denman                               4                                              2

Nelson Bay                         3                                              2

Rosebud                              2                                              2

Muswellbrook                   2                                              2

Maitland                              2                                              2

Tallwoods                            1                                              1

Tamworth                           1                                              1

Charlestown                      1                                              1

Muree                                  1                                              1

Singleton                             1                                              1

Kurri Kurri                            1                                              1

Carrington Park                 1                                              1

Mona Vale                          1                                              1

Great support as usual from the smaller clubs but remember the 18 hole club’s players can still participate in these events.

You must play a minimum of 4 rounds out of the 8 possible to qualify.

Anyway hope to see you at Karuah on the 24th.

written by Peter Budden 0451 045 210